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About Me

Hey guys! I’m John. As a teen writer myself, I started this blog in hopes of gathering together a community of young writers who are passionate about what they do, and it’s been really exciting to watch the site grow over the years. I love being able to support other writers like me, and the fact that all of you are so much more awesome and talented than I am is also pretty cool. (For more info about the blog, see here.) 

Personally: I’m seventeen. I’m a YA writer, a nerdfighter, and a book geek, and I recently finished a year-and-a-half stint interning at the literary agency Foreword Literary (now Fuse Literary). I like puns and being on time (some might even say I’m punctual.) (…I’ll stop.) but the latter never quite seems to happen because, you know, the internet exists. 

Some of my other pastimes include chocolate cake, Game of Thrones, tweeting too much, and thinking about Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development.

Click on one of the images below to be transported to the social sites media I’m on! I’m pretty talkative online, especially on Twitter, so feel free to tweet/message me at any time. I’ll try to be quick to answer.

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For more info about TCWT and what we do, see here.

To contact me personally, email jhansenauthor@gmail.com.

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. When I started writing seriously at 14, I would have loved if they were blogs like this to help me believe in my talents more. However, those years were just before the onslaught of social media and after a couple ‘wide-grin submissions’ which at the time I thought were just amazing, and subsequent rejections, I was kind of like ‘okay, that’s it for me’, as I figured I was maybe too young to do anything else with my craft. Now in my 20s, I started back writing seriously only about a year ago.

    John, keep your focus, believe in what you want and your ability to get it and, continue to support others who may feel like they can’t get into this industry because of their age. You might be surprised who you are able to inspire and help :).

  2. i have always wanted to be a writer for as long as i can remember that is all i ever could think about. now that im 13 its all i wanna do is read and write but im scared my mom will read it and hate it. im so confused…………………………………..

    • Haley–
      Welcome! And those are perfectly reasonable fears. But you don’t have to share what you write. My parents know I write a ton, but they don’t read it unless I ask them to. (Even then, it can take a while for them to actually read it.) Most of my stuff only a handful of people have read.

      And don’t rule yourself out. You’re probably a better writer than you think you are.

      (And a note on parents–they will never hate any creative work of yours. Because you’re their baby and all. So they think any brainchild of yours is brilliant.)


      • thanks so much i really needed that and i have been writing more on this app i have called wattpad super cool.. thanks so much

  3. Okay, I don’t know where else to post this, so I’ll do it here. I am a teenager working on a book and my teacher wants me to go to a book conference and pitch it to an agent, but I would like some advice in how to act and how to pitch. help?

  4. Don’t know if I said it yet, but your blog’s amazing! I’m 17 and passionate about my writing and it’s so amazing to be surrounded by teens who think the same way. Thank you so much for making this blog- and I’m loving the renovations you made! ;)

    P.S.: I have to say this (don’t freak out)- you’re kinda’ cute! <3

  5. I write to but that’s just as a hobby. I love writing interesting stories but I just don’t have the confidence to show my stories to people because I believe that my stories are not good or they are lacking something.

    • That’s totally normal, in my experience! Writers are known for their lack of confidence, but it means very little about your story. Your stories are, I’m sure, amazing, but since you wrote them you can’t see that.

      Wait until you are comfortable sharing, and then do it. I bet you’d be pleasantly surprised by the response. :)

  6. Love this! My current project is a fanfic (I know, typical) but I’m really try-harding it and it’s got almost 75,000 combined views on all chapters. I love love love writing but I usually get really pumped about a story then lose my enthusiasm lol. I have a few ideas for books I think I could actually finish someday, though. I’m 15 btw.

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