TCWT May 2012 Blog Chain


Just because I can

ETA: 3/29/14: *If you’re one of the awesome people who finds these past blog chain posts through search terms, you can go here to find more recent topics and to sign up for a current chain.*


Somehow, April is already almost over (sorcery, perhaps?), which means it’s time to announce the prompt for next month’s blog chain! This time, I wanted to go with something diverse yet universal in the world of writers, and so I came up with this.

“Why do you write?”

Yep. I know. Probably the simplest yet most challenging topic out there, but I’m so curious about what you guys have to say that I vote we do it anyway, even if all of us are currently staring at the computer screen like this right now, with no idea how to answer:

48 thoughts on “TCWT May 2012 Blog Chain

  1. Hiya! It’s me again :)
    Could I please have a spot in early May, preferably on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday? I have exams coming up very soon, but I would love to be able to take part anyway :)

  2. This is my first time signing up for this, but I guess a Saturday or a Monday would be best for me (though I’m not adverse to any other day). I’ve been wanting ti do a post about why I write for awhile anyway :)

  3. Wow. That is a broad topic indeed. If things get any more broad, we’ll be asked to answer the great question of life, the universe, and everything, in more words than just “forty-two”. I’ll participate.

  4. sign me up! Also, I got two questions for you, one: could we write why we blog? and two, I know you are doing the July. chain, so can I reserve the 11th of July ? (It’s my birthday :D)

      • I keep forgetting to tell you, but since this is somewhat important, I forgot. My blog needs a new name, and right now its temporary name is The No Name Blog, since I can’t think of any other relatively good names. I’ll keep you guys posted.

  5. I’d love to participate! I did it once a couple of months ago, but then life got really busy. Looking forward to doing it again!

  6. Hi! I’m completely new here, but I think I want to participate. It appears that I’ll be able to follow examples set earlier in the month, so I’m all for it! :)

  7. Okay one more thing.. my blog is now formally known as You Didn’t Really Need To Know This. (I haven’t changed it yet, but that is what it is called)

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