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TCWT June 2012 Blog Chain


ETA: 3/29/14: *If you’re one of the awesome people who finds these past blog chain posts through search terms, you can go here to find more recent topics and to sign up for a current chain.*

Already, summer is almost here (woohoo!) and that means it’s time for another blog chain. This month’s prompt is:

“Let’s face it; we all judge books by their covers. What kind of covers grab you? Why? Be sure to use examples of your favorite book covers.”

Said book covers can be from any genre or category, and it’s 100% okay if you choose a cover that is the same as someone else’s.

As always, all you have to do to sign up for a spot on the blog chain is leave a comment below.



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I'm Michael, I'm eighteen, and I blog about YA books for Barnes & Noble.

39 comments on “TCWT June 2012 Blog Chain

  1. tomte
    May 21, 2012

    Just to say, I really do like this prompt. We haven’t had a fun-ish one for a while. And of course, sign me up. Although, could I ask that I get something like the 12th later? School and life are crazy right now, and I don’t want to miss this! By the way, I forget more than you do. Probably. Ask anyone that I know. Although, it’s surprising that I was the first one to comment and sign up so….uhhh….because normally I don’t remember to do this until it’s almost too late. Okay. I’ll leave you in peace, I’ve rambled waaaay too much for a comment. :)This is what I must save for posts. Oh. *shoves hand over keyboard*

    • John Hansen
      May 23, 2012

      Ha! Sure–I’ll put you down for the 12th.

      • tomte
        May 23, 2012

        Perfect! Here’s a suggestion—if you can’t start on the fifth, why not start later in the month, say, the 10th? Just a suggestion. …..

  2. M. Saint-Germain
    May 21, 2012

    John- I like this prompt and agree it’s a fun idea. I can’t wait to see what others post here. I’ll have to check out your “Blog Chain, too.” It sounds interesting.

  3. shonti
    May 21, 2012

    sign me up! but i have the same request as tomte. we have alot of big projects due. plus the school talent show…. sorry im rabbling! anytime after the 12th!

  4. hithere298
    May 21, 2012

    Sign me up! Preferably on a weekend or after the fifteenth though, I have a lot of finals this month.

    • John Hansen
      May 23, 2012

      Hmm… Maybe I should make the chain start late. Is the 11th okay (It’s a Friday)? I’m not sure we’ll have enough to fill up through the 15th.

      • hithere298
        May 23, 2012

        11th is fine!

  5. hazelspells
    May 22, 2012

    I’d love to sign up and give this a go! Any day is fine. (Finals, thankfully, are done June first. Wait. Let me revise that: sign me up for any day BUT June first. ;P)

    • John Hansen
      May 27, 2012

      Oh, oops! I missed this comment until now. Is the 8th okay? The chain is really staggered this month… ha!

  6. Liam, Head Phil
    May 22, 2012

    *sighs* I prefer not to post pictures on my blog. Only occasionally will I do such a thing. But I will comply if necessary.

    • wreakinghavoc14
      May 22, 2012

      Still scarred from Mrs. Sparklies?

    • John Hansen
      May 23, 2012

      You could link to them, maybe? If you don’t want to post them, you don’t have to, though. Anyway, is the 10th okay?

      • Liam, Head Phil
        May 23, 2012

        I’ve changed my mind. Pictures there will be. Scarce, perhaps, but there they will be.
        Yes, I think the tenth is fine.

  7. wreakinghavoc14
    May 22, 2012

    I’m in, as always!

  8. Kirsten
    May 23, 2012

    Can I do this?

    • John Hansen
      May 23, 2012

      …Can you? 🙂 Definitely. Is the 15th good for you?

  9. Sarah Faulkner
    May 24, 2012

    Woah! I’m really late. Can I still get in on this? Thursday would be great, but any day really works.

    • John Hansen
      May 27, 2012

      No problem about being late! You have until the 3rd of each month to join. The 17th is a Thursday… is that good?

  10. Miriam Joy
    May 26, 2012

    I’ll be happy to go earlier if you want someone to start it off before the 10th, John – it makes very little difference to me. In fact, earlier is better, as that’s my half term (I then have an exam on the 12th). So, any day on the 10th or before (and I think someone took the 10th?) is awesome.
    By the way, my URL has changed to miriamjoywrites.wordpress.com instead of delorfinde, so if you could change that on any links you’ve got anywhere ever that would be lovely 🙂 (No one is getting to my blog any more! I don’t exist on google! My stats have plummeted! It’s very sad.)

    • John Hansen
      May 27, 2012

      Well, I’m making this up as I go so I’ll put you down for the 9th. Also, I’ll note the website change. It’ll take a while for you to get back toward the top of search engines, but you’ll get there! Another thing: You should set an automatic redirect to your new site when people visit your old one. It’ll help get back the old traffic.

      • Miriam Joy
        May 28, 2012

        Unfortunately, one has to pay for that, and I can’t afford it. I’m really short of cash at the moment. I’ve put a link from that site to this one and it’s sending on average 5-10 people to my new one each day, so people must be clicking it.
        Thanks, 9th is fine. I’ll try and remember this time!

  11. I’m in! Sorry I’m so late to join. Any day works for me.

    • John Hansen
      May 27, 2012

      No problem! We’re always here. 😀 I’m improvising because people have different finals schedules… is the 16th okay for you?

      • The 16th is great! Since I’m homeschooled, I have no finals. If you need to move me because someone else needs my date, I’m willing to move.

  12. dreamsinsong
    May 29, 2012

    Is it too late to join? If not, I need a date between the 18th or 19th and the 25th–I’m going to be out of town a lot in June and July.

  13. Gabi H
    May 29, 2012

    The chain last time was great!
    (I tried my best to comment on everything, but I may have glitched a bit. Oops.)
    Can I still join for June?

    • Allegra Davis
      June 6, 2012

      Sorry to be so late in replying! We’ve had a bit of a mix-up lately, and I’ve been given command of this month’s chain. I’ll put you down for the 19th.

      • Gabi H
        June 6, 2012


  14. nevillegirl
    May 31, 2012

    Sign me up, please! Can I have first date that isn’t already taken, please? Thanks!


    • Allegra Davis
      June 6, 2012

      I apologize for being so late to reply–there’s been a slight mix-up, and I’ve been given command of the chain. I’ll put you down for the 20th. Again, sorry to keep you waiting.

  15. nevillegirl
    June 3, 2012

    Um… do I need to ask for a specific date? *hits forehead* Could I have the 22nd if it isn’t already taken?

  16. nevillegirl
    June 3, 2012

    Am I in? I joined the 31st of May, but no one’s replied…

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